We invite you to see and hear testimonials from some of our celebrity clients below:

November 23 at 5:30pm ·

I am so happy & excited with the results from the 2 week train & board program with my pup Ringo. Beth was my trainer & she is awesome! She is very knowledgeable & very quick to pick up on why your dog is exhibiting certain behaviors. Before his training, Ringo was extremely misbehaved, lunging, pulling on the leash, barking at everything, biting, etc. Now, he is controlled, well-mannered & listens to my commands! Thank you so much to Off Leash K9 training program & most importantly to Beth, for giving me back an awesome, well mannered dog! Many, many thanks!!!
December 9 at 10:38am ·

I am so happy with how well the board and train program worked. My German Sheppard Cali pulled and barked at dogs before and now she listens so well and walks by my side even without a leash. Nathan was her trainer and really perfected all of her commands. I can not say enough great things about him and this company! I definitely will recommend to family and friends!

I can’t say enough about this place. They are very knowledgable. Bethany is an amazing trainer and I also had the pleasure of working with Dan on a lesson. If you do what they say, it will work. When I first got my 2 year old German Shepherd I couldn’t even walk him on a leash. He paced constantly and I thought I made a mistake by getting him, but I gave the program a try. He is still a work in progress but I can take him anywhere now OFF leash. It’s amazing!!! I watched my dog go from scared and neurotic to confident and happy.

May 25 ·

We’re so happy and satisfied with the results after doing the two week board and train program for our Staffordshire Terrier, Poe. Ted was a fantastic trainer and he made sure to stay in touch with us each day with updates, pictures and videos. Ted was especially patient with me because I missed Poe so much while he was away. I can tell that he treated him as if he was his own pet and that meant the world to me. Poe is so much easier to walk and work with now. We highly recommend this program to anyone who wants a well mannered dog. Thanks again!!
April 21 ·

Off leash training Columbia is awesome. Have worked with Beth and Ted and they are both very knowledgable, patient, customer focused and all about the K9. My sons dog Nala was a hand full, pulling the leash, tearing up in the air, jumping on people, being submissive when in down. My goal was to be comfortable at Bark to the Park… We had a blast. I highly recommend this training method and these trainers. It was a pure joy and I have a very respectful and obedient huskey for my son when he returns stateside from deployment.
September 4 ·

Highly impressed by the competent nature of this training organization. New to SC and you are already one of my favorite trainers! Hello from Ravenscry Photography!
November 8 ·

So excited to get our Maggie back tomorrow!! She has been gone for almost three weeks to training camp. A huge shout out to Betthany with Off Leash K9 for the fantastic job she has done with her. She has not only done an awesome job but she has kept us updated on her progress EVERY SINGLE DAY with pictures and videos!! Betthany and Off Leash K9 are highly recommended by us…and Maggie!!
April 23 ·

I never thought that our boxer-pit Emma could be broken from her anxiety and bad habits, but Bethany proved me wrong. Now two of our dogs have gone through training with her at Off Leash and you can bet every dog we have from now on will be trained there from the get-go! Worth every penny.
January 26 ·

I took our 18 month old Golden Retriever to Bethany as he was extremely difficult for my wife to handle on leash and he wasn’t trustworthy off leash. We did the board and train and it was easily the best money we have ever spent. Bethany gave us back a well behaved boy that is an absolute joy, whether he his home with us or out in a crowd. He will stop dead in his tracks, on command, even in full pursuit of a squirrel. Not only did Bethany train the dog, she cared for him like he was her own.

She took a good dog and turned him into a great one. We are forever grateful.

October 7, 2015 ·

Off Leash K9 Training has been such a wonderful experience for us and our dog, Bella. Our trainer, Dan, was extremely knowledegable and taught me a lot on what my dog needs from me as well. I used to never think I would be able to go on a long walk without being pulled down the street creating an embarrassing situation every time we went out. However, after our lessons with Off Leash I can happily say I look forward to and love taking Bella out for walks daily. Dogs truly are a man’s best friend and Dan did a fantastic job of strengthening that bond between us and our dog. I would highly recommend their training to anyone.
January 2 ·

I’m very impressed with how far my Annie has come. She is a rescue American Bull Dog. We had Bethany has our trainer. She is very knowledgeable and we have learned so much from her. She told me she would text me everyday. Most of the time we talked more than once a day. She sent videos and pictures. The most important thing is you have to still work with your dog when they come home. I still keep in touch with Bethany and it seems like I’m constantly learning from her. She has sent me links to read on the internet that are also informative. It is expensive but worth it. She even trained my jack Russell to kennel in less than 30 mins and that has helped so much for our particular situation. Love Bethany she is awesome.
October 21, 2015 ·

I took my 6 month old American Bully to Dan for four sessions and I could not be happier w the results. If you are consistent w the training that Dan teaches you then you will absolutely find it worth the time and money.