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GO FOR IT!! It is worth every penny

We were a little skeptical about giving our dog to a stranger for two weeks, but we are SO glad that we trusted K9 with our baby. Our trainer was absolutely amazing. Our dog left a crazy German Shepherd pup and came back in control of herself. Jessica sent us pictures, videos, and updates every single day, and she made us feel so much better about everything. She really was the best trainer we could have asked for. If you are on the fence, GO FOR IT!! It is worth every penny.

Christina G.  // Verified Google Review

Best investment I’ve made!

She is a great trainer. She works to understand the dog and then begins the process to transform behaviors. I couldn’t believe how fast she transformed my loud, anxious GSD into a calm, poised companion. Almost a year after training, the lessons my dog learned with my trainer are still retained. Best investment I’ve made!

Tonia B.  // Verified Google Review

If you are considering sending your dog off choose off leash

My dog was a rescued Husky. (No we did not know what we were getting into) Once we got passed the cute part the devil horns came out of the head and the demon of destruction came in. Breaking off leashes running trying to chase squirrels birds rabbits etc. She tore everything up became aggressive toward my wife and very dominant.

It came to the point where it was my wife or the dog so something had to happen. That’s when off leash K9 and my trainer came in and transformed my dog 180. We sent her off for two weeks and came back leash trained not being bad. Fast forwarding almost two years later still doing great. We don’t use the collar as much but still refresh but obedient with out.

However when she does try to act up we ask her if she wants to go see her again and she straightens up real quick! Haha. If you are considering sending your dog off choose off leash. The price is whatever the dog you will get back will be one you can forget the past and love unconditionally!


Thomas G.   // Verified Google Review

You won’t be disappointed!

I was taken back by the price at first having never personally getting my dog trained. I chose the basic package and threw caution to the wind. My husky was driving me crazy with his constant running away from home problem so I took him to training. The staff was very friendly and took the time to train me on how to train and reinforce good behaviors with my dog along with making sure my husky knew how to perform commands.

“Within the first week, my wild husky was already learning how to walk with me and pay attention to me while we were outside. After the 2nd lesson, I let my husky, who previously ran a mile and a half away from home, off leash and to my amazement, he maintained his positive behavior. Now, I rarely have to use the leash. (I still keep the collar on just in case.) dog and I have learned how to interact with each other and that’s priceless.

All in all, don’t be intimidated by prices. These trainers work miracles and ensure you and your dog will be more confident and happier together.

Chris S

Chris S.  // Verified Google Review

Best thing that ever happened to us

I was almost ready to give my puppy up because he was so destructive, disobedient, nipping, jumping, you name it. I had 2 lessons went to the third lesson and was told I needed to board him for training. Best thing that ever happened to us. The program and my trainer brought me back a new dog. He is still a puppy but now he minds almost every time . I have actually walked my puppy in Lowe’s without a leash! Plus I was given all the money I paid for lessons back which most companies would not have done. I can not give these trainers and their program enough praise. When Jesse and I are practicing people always stop and ask how I got my dog to behave and I give them the number for off leash training.
Dale B
Dale B.  // Verified Google Review

all about puppy happiness as well as training

This company has been great and taken their time, each time, to make sure we are doing the right things and learning the right ways for correction for our pup. They make sure every question is answered and never make us feel rushed. They are all about puppy happiness as well as training.
Tracie T

Tracie T.   // Verified Google Review

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